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Writing a Great Personal Statement For College

One of the most important parts of applying to college is a personal statement, a one or two-paragraph description of everything that relates to you and your application. Sometimes personal statements are optional; other times, they replace the essay.

Whether or not it is necessary, you should always take the opportunity to write a thoughtful description of why you would make a great addition to entry-level classes.

Personal statements can make or break your application. Therefore, it is important that you take the time to write and edit your information carefully. You can also get more information for writing personal statements by clicking at

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Follow these tips to make a standout statement that clarifies and empowers your app rather than making it less appealing.

Most of your college applications include a list of your accomplishments; you don't have much space to describe the details of each activity. In such situations, you can use the personal statement component to talk about why you never got into athletics. Good reasons not to participate will help you gauge yourself against other candidates.

You can also use a personal statement to develop an achievement that you are very proud of, but no explanation from other parts of the application. Think of a personal statement as an opportunity to tell the receptionist everything they need to know that otherwise wouldn't be entirely clear.

Don't be afraid to brag about yourself; your app is really about selling a product – you – to college.

It's tempting to include additional information after the page to include in your personal statement. However, to be most effective, it should be limited to no more than one page or about three paragraphs.