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Why Is Your Foundation Cracking?

If so, your house has a foundation problem and needs immediate repair. This is a problem that only gets worse over time…and gets more and more expensive!

Why is this crack so bad?

Because it doesn't take long for the cracks to spread and cause significant damage to your home. And the crack itself is a sign that your foundation and basement have problems that you can't see (such as inside walls, under basement floors, and outside your home). You can also get more information about

Minor cracks in the wall will cause the wall to shift, warp, tilt, and collapse on your base. When it reaches this level, the problem is very difficult and expensive to fix. This can cause a lot of damage to your home, including cracked walls, floors and ceilings in the main house.

A damp corner in your basement could be a sign that the supports have failed…a small crack where the wall meets the floor may indicate a broken "leg". This is very dangerous if left untreated and can even lead to the sinking of part of your home.

Why does this happen?

It depends on pressure and water. The water in the soil puts pressure on your foundation walls. He literally pushed and pushed until he broke through. The water can then seep into the walls, causing cracks, dampness, water/flooding, and other structural damage.