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Why Is Everyone Searching For Organic Bamboo Toilet Paper In Australia?

Imagine this – it's a post-pandemic world and you're sitting at dinner. You apologized for going to the bathroom. When you return, the host asks, "What do you think about toilet paper?" It's organic!”. There is no such thing as organic bamboo toilet paper. 

However, for some reason, people are looking for organic bamboo toilet paper more than ever. And while ours not be organic, we can proudly brag that our toilet paper is a lot of different things. These 100% bamboo rolls are eco-friendly and are sustainably sourced.

That's the famous claim for 100% recycled toilet paper. Made from recycled fibres, such as consumer waste paper (such as office paper and textbooks), these are rolls with the lowest environmental impact. 

It's even more fun for your mascara while maintaining its ecological status. Always use bamboo because it is really grass, so it grows very fast once it is harvested. It's also biodegradable so it won't clog the planet. We love to make Mother Earth happy.

You won't find pink ink, dye, or scent here no cheese like fragrances are best if they are not synthetic. But unfortunately, what is used in toilet paper is almost always the same. Does it make sense?

It sounds fantastic because it is. This basically means that we pay for carbon offsets that match the CO2 we produce, so there are no net carbon emissions into the atmosphere. We also seek to use renewable energy at various points in our supply chain. Great smart pants, read more about them here.