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What You Should Know About Bail Bonds In Orange County

If you’re charged with an offense, being arrested and having to spend time in jail could be a frightening and uneasy experience. However, as you are legally innocent until proven guilty, in most instances, a judge will let you out until the trial or hearing. 

But, the judge might require you to provide a kind of assurance that you will take on the charges you are facing before you are allowed to be released from custody. This is referred to as the Bail Bond, and it will usually be handed over to the judge in the form of cash or property or a signature bond. You can also find more about bail bonds in Orange County online.

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Bail bonds are typically established during a formal procedure known as a bail hearing. The Judge sits down with the person being accused (Defendant) and receives details regarding whether the time is right to establish bail. 

If specific kinds that bail bonds can be considered, like a secured or property bond the Judge will look at details about the defendant’s financial resources and sources of any property or funds that are being utilized as bail bonds collateral.

If someone else is providing bail for the defendant is considered to be a Surety. Their financial position will be taken into consideration. If a Surety is involved in bailing the Surety must attend the bail hearing with the defendant, and the judge will instruct both of their respective obligations and duties.