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What Is The Importance of Safety Signs and Road Markings?

Installing a new sign after your parking lot is paved or sealed can increase not only the safety of the parking lot, but also its appearance. You can now also get the best airport pavement markings via

Airfield Marking & Airport Runway Pavement Striping

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When using U Channel signs, the safety signs we install will last many years due to the strength and durability of these types of signs. In addition, you save costs compared to square tubes. Other advantages of the U-channel pointer are:

U-Canal signs have been exposed to road and weather hazards for decades.

The U-Channel Post configuration makes it less likely to bend when pushed into the ground

· U-Channel can be installed by one person using conventional tools.

Signs can be attached to U-channel posts before they are installed in the ground

· All installation work is carried out close to the ground

The use of U-channel mast reduces the issuance costs by up to 58% compared to square tubes.

· The yield strength and tensile strength of U-channel pillars are approximately 25% higher than those of square tube pillars.

Road markings include lines, shapes and symbols identifying road rules, lane boundaries, turning guides, off-road locations and potential hazard warnings. Road markings work in conjunction with road signs and road signs to provide motorists with a clear picture of road characteristics. Since the lane markings are directly visible from the driver's view, they are an effective means of communication.