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Understanding the Different Styles of Bathroom Tiles

Harbour Coffs bathrooms

Tiles make bathrooms look beautiful and expensive while reflecting a specific theme. That’s why selecting the right tiles is an important decision when getting the space renovated. While the bathroom tiles should reflect the theme the rest of the house carries, here’s an introduction to the commonly used styles.

Patterned Tiles

Today, you can find numerous patterns and styles over the tiles used in bathrooms. Here, you have to narrow down your options to match the rest of the property’s interior décor vibes. For material, you can go with porcelain or ceramic while buying pattern tiles. The porcelain ones are expensive because of their higher durability and strength. Other options include Terrazzo and composite stone materials that you can consider buying.

Mosaic and 3D Tiles

Mosaic tiles are used as accents while 3D tiles usually cover the whole wall. Choice of materials for mosaic tiles includes ceramic, porcelain, glass, and stone. You can choose the desired shape of mosaic tiles from the hexagon, oval, and herringbone ones available. Using mosaic and 3D tiles combined adds texture and visual impact to the bathroom.

Natural Stone Tiles

If you want to create a bathroom with a timeless appeal, go for natural stone tiles. You can leave them raw, get them polished, or get them honed for a matt finish. Their natural appearance and feel make them wonderful options for bathrooms.

Among these, natural and terrazzo tiles need to be sailed and require regular maintenance. You can get the best renovation guides for Coffs Harbour bathrooms from professional tradespeople while getting yours renovated.