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Try These Unique Salts to Enhance Your Cooking

It can be very difficult trying to find the best quality black truffle salt for your cooking needs. With so many brands claiming to have the best salt available it can be quite difficult. The best ingredient for seasoning food is the one that adds to the flavor of the dish you are making. Knowing which kind of salt will best enhance the flavor of your meals is a crucial part of perfecting your culinary skills.

Sicilian Sea Salt, Black Summer Seasoning Salt (6%) This popular sea seasoning is a distinctive blend of Italian White Truffle Salt and Trapani sea salt. Trapani sea salt gives an exotic flavor that is very rich and smoky. White Truffle Salt imparts a mild salty taste that accents any seafood dish with its smooth texture and rich flavor. The two combined to make a versatile product that enhances the flavor of any dish. This versatile salt will make any dish you love taste better.

Smoked Salmon & Cheese It is considered to be an authentic form of seasoning for Smoked Salmon. Many people think that Smoked Salmon is only for fish or chicken; however, Smoked Salmon & Cheese are the perfect blends to create the savory treat that people crave. This smoked cheese and salmon dish has been a family favorite since it was first created by the waiters in an Italian bistro. This traditional blend of smoky, sweet, and salty is great for a delicious twist on classic Italian cuisine.

Cheddar Sticks The texture of this savory sausage blend is made up of smooth strips of cheddar cheese. It comes in different colors and can be sprinkled with some salt for a salty taste. In addition to being salty, cheddar also gives the scrambled eggs a wonderful texture and flavor. This versatile product is excellent when mixed with Italian black truffle sea salt for an even greater flavor.

Black Truffle A delectable mixture of malt, butter, and chocolate truffles makes this popular savory delight. This melt-in-your-mouth delight is not only a scrumptious meal, but it is also a very good gift idea. It is easy to enjoy, has a delightfully earthy flavor, and is ideal for any occasion. This versatile product is also great if you are looking for a unique way to compliment your cooking, particularly if you are using a cream sauce for your baked dessert recipes.

Cheddar Sticks Another popular combination of cheddar and black truffle finds its origins in Italy. Made with the finest quality beef, goat cheese, and sundried tomato, the savory flavor is truly remarkable. This salt-rich product is great for use in pasta sauces, as it melts in the mouth and adds a distinct nutty flavor that is also great on grilled food.

Sprinkled with garlic salt flakes, this Italian delight is a fresh, nutty, and delicious twist on an old favorite. The earthy flavors from the sundried tomatoes softened cream cheese, and butter makes this a delectable spin on a traditional holiday dish. This salty version of this classic cheese is best enjoyed with Panini sandwiches or sliced fresh from the oven as part of an ingredient salad. For a very salty twist, try sprinkling black truffle salt flakes on a slice of ham with a little oil and pepper to heat it up a bit.

Salted Focaccia With sage leaves in a warm ceramic bowl, this Mediterranean delight is both light and tasty. Making the focaccia is simple, combine olive oil, butter, and a pinch of salt. Working with the butter and oil first, then add sage leaves and mix until everything combines together and then place it in the oven. Cook it in the oven until the butter is melted and then add the rest of your ingredients, including your parmesan cheese. When done, sprinkle a generous amount of salt on top. Serve with crusty bread and you will have a delicious and healthy meal.