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Tips For The Perfect Ketubah In Israel

The text, the design, the frame, the transportation — there’s a lot to think about when choosing a ketubah! Below we’ve compiled seven of our favorite tips to help you pick out and display one of the most important contracts you’ll ever sign.

1. When deciding which ketubah text is right for you, be sure to discuss it with your rabbi or co-worker. He may ask you to use (or not to use) certain texts. You can easily get the ketubah papercut design for sale & buy online now at Ketubahome.

2. If you want your tuba to be unique, find a company that can customize it. Also, always ask about the shelf life of the type of paper and the printing process that the Ketubo artist uses. You want your ketubah to last a lifetime!

3. Ask your knowledgeable rabbi or friend to help you adjust the ketubah text and prove the final draft.

4. Order your tubing at least 3 months in advance to allow time for processing, testing, printing and shipping. Planning ahead can save you money and stress!

5. Buy or rent a tripod to display the ketubah during the marriage ceremony. Not only does it allow all your guests to see it during the ceremony, but it also keeps it safe.

6. Before the wedding day, prepare a matte and framed tuba (without glass) for easy carrying and serving at your event. Return it to the plumber after the wedding for a professional glass installation.