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TIG Welding Techniques For Welding Inside Grooves

The welding technique used is a form of walking the cup. I refer to it as sliding the cup since I've had never heard of any other way for it other than that of sliding it. The process of sliding the cup is accomplished by putting the torch in the groove and moving across the surface of the cup and then forward!

The best way to choose the right size TIG cup is to select a cup that will let the proper tungsten stick out without contact with the steel. With this method, you'll most likely need more than one size for one joint. Keep switching sizes if the tungsten stick gets too long. This TIG welding technique can come in handy when choosing the right size cup. If you are interested then you can browse around here to learn about TIG welding techniques in order to get the work done in the right manner. 

Before actually welding there are some tips that will make the weld much easier! The first step is to rub the bevel with a sanding wheel to get rid of any rough lines or marks that are cut into the bevel. This is the most important step to make the cup glide effortlessly.

Another approach that is often employed is to grind the square edge of the cup to ensure that when it's placed in a grove or bevel it will have a more rounded surface in the area of impact. One of the most important things to consider when moving the cup is that it always slides within the groove and must have an even surface.

If the surface isn't smooth, you could end up being caught in your movements and having a difficult time with the welding! When you get used to sliding the cup, you'll see your welds getting great quickly. I can still recall the moment I first learned to move the cup, and the welds began to get so flawless.