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The Importance of Moral Values

Moral values include honesty, beliefs, and personal feelings about what is right and wrong. Technical knowledge of what is right and wrong is not the only consideration. 

Often there are gray areas in life that we can choose to negotiate with and which suit us best. Being true to our own moral values means standing firm and faithful to our conscience and our code of beliefs, even if it puts us at a disadvantage.

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Let's look at some areas where moral values are an important consideration:

– Promises can often be a factor in moral values. Sometimes we can make promises that are implied in our actions, but even if they aren't verbal, they still require respect and commitment. 

For some people, promises are about supporting what they believe to be true. People often stand by their moral position because it is an integral part of their constitution.

– Children have no right to be born. We make a promise to our children by bringing them into the world and keeping them alive. By being in a relationship with someone who has children, we are essentially making a promise to them. 

Agreeing to take even partial responsibility for someone else's children requires a moral commitment. You are part of the agreement if we agree to be part of the relationship.

– Vulnerable people, elderly relatives, and sick people deserve respect. Our moral values include seeing them as an important part of our society and, as such, feeling responsible for their system of care and support. 

Society as a whole has a responsibility to care for underprivileged members of society and we as individual members of society need to commit to the fact that this is the right and right way to do it.