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The 7 Must-Have Tools For Manhole Inspection

This article is a rundown of the 7 most essential tools for making sure your manhole inspection is successful. Finding and repairing problems before they happen can be tricky, but these tools will help you get it done quicker and easier. 

If you're responsible for maintaining the sewer system, then you know that manhole inspection Device is a crucial part of your job. But what do you need to properly inspect a manhole?

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Here are 7 must-have tools for manhole inspection:

1. A camera: You'll need a camera to inspect the condition of the manhole walls and ceiling. A digital camera with a wide-angle lens is ideal.

2. A ladder: You'll need a ladder to safely get into and out of the manhole. A folding ladder is a good option because it's easy to transport and store.

3. A flashlight: A flashlight is essential for seeing into the dark manhole. Look for one that is waterproof and has a long battery life.

4. Protective clothing: Wear protective clothing when inspecting a manhole, including gloves, a hard hat, and safety glasses.

5. A gas meter: A gas meter can help you detect dangerous gasses that may be present in the manhole. Make sure to get one that is specifically designed for sewer gas detection.

6. A pH meter: A pH meter can be used to test the acidity of the water in the manhole. A pH meter is not absolutely necessary but can help determine if the manhole contains harmful chemicals.

7. A water quality test kit: This can be used to test for dangerous contaminants in the water entering and exiting the manhole.

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