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Better Health With Proper Carpet Cleaning

Your carpet is a breeding ground for pests and bacteria that can affect your health. All kinds of outdoor items stick to the bottom of your shoes and onto your carpet.

Dirt, air pollutants, and organisms melt at the bottom of the fiber. The carpet also functions as a household air filter.

Dirt and dust particles in the home are pulled onto carpets by gravity, where they become trapped in the fibers.

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However, carpet cleaners remove dirt, dust mites, mold, and other allergens that get between the fibers and scratch the dirt deep inside the container.

There are two ways that a carpet cleaning service does not clean your carpet. You are using a steam cleaning method or a chemical cleaning method.

The steam cleaning method is the most common method for carpet cleaners to perform their carpet cleaning tasks.

A high pressure steam cleaner is used to drain water and detergent through the carpet, which is then vacuumed with a strong hose.

Dry cleaning uses moisture-free foam that attracts and traps dirt. A stirrer, cleaning brush, or stand is usually used to clean any loose dirt before vacuuming.

Since no water is used, this method is safe for delicate carpets and your floors will dry faster.

Professional carpet cleaners know which method is best for your carpet because they are fully trained.