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Know Your VoIP Phone System With This Helpful Glossary

Have you ever been part of a conversation with a group of people who seemed to be speaking their own language? Perhaps it made you feel left out and it was difficult to connect with the group on a personal level because of what seemed like a language barrier. That's how jargon can make "average" people feel.

All the VoIP phone system acronyms and industry terms only create confusion among certain individuals and make them feel like outsiders, increasing the communication gap between a service provider and its consumer.

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This is why we are providing you with a glossary of the essential terms used by VoIP providers so you can meet VoIP agents and telecom experts at least halfway. Before we get into it, however, let's clarify what the difference is between VoIP, IP, and Cloud telephony.

Simply put: there really isn't much difference. VoIP, IP, and Cloud (or cloud-based) are essentially synonymous. All of these use an IP network that digitizes communication data, like voice, creating packets of data, and sends these packets of data between different endpoints.

Using this method has been known to be more cost-effective since data packets can be transmitted on shared lines without the PTSN tolls (keep reading to learn what PTSN is).