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Services Provided by Towing Companies in San Antonio

Like many companies in today's economy, towing companies must adapt to today's needs. Today, many companies offer a comprehensive range of services.

More and more towing agencies in San Antonio are partnering with various charity and trash programs. Once a person decides to donate his car to a charity, the selected charity will contact the towing company with the information needed to collect the car.

The company will usually contact the donor within 24 hours of receiving the information to arrange for a car pick-up. Once the car is taken, the company will process and issue it on behalf of the donor.

Almost all tow companies offer breakdown assistance such as blocking, tire change, start assist, winch (pulling the car out of the zone) and much more. This service is in addition to regular withdrawals from one place to another.

Towing companies are also starting to operate more tow trucks. Many medium and heavy trucks require immediate service when damaged. Towing large vehicles requires special equipment and training. This is not a service that every company can offer. Towing medium and heavy trucks also takes longer than towing a regular passenger car.

Many towing companies also operate trading accounts. If your car needs to be taken to a local service center, many repair shops will contact a towing company to pick it up. Towing companies also often work closely with auto repair shops and dealers to better serve their customers.