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Online SMB Storage Protocol and File Sharing Solutions

Anyone working in an organization with more than one person is aware of the challenges of sharing files. A variety of solutions are offered, from multiple document emails (budgets) to complex document management systems that manage versions and workflows (less budget).

Share SMB cloud files and SMB storage – Most small organizations need something in between these two extremes and don't want to pay locally. In fact, there's an already widely used middle ground: the SMB file server. 

 SMB Storage

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For non-technical readers, a SMB file server is an always-on computer located in a corner of your office, "serving" files to other computers that need them.

After you install the software on one or more computers (or mobile phones, etc.), the software creates additional devices or folders on your computer. Any files you put on this device will be automatically uploaded to the online storage area and available for other devices you own. 

Your files are stored locally on each device at the same time and backed up safely in online storage areas. Every time you make changes or add a document, it is automatically backed up and displayed on all devices.

The great part is that you can then share the selected files or folders with other users. When you make changes, the new files will be available to anyone you share with, anywhere in the world! You can even search online for more information about SMB storage protocol.