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The Practicality Of Vocational Training

Vocational training is post-secondary education that focuses on teaching specific practical skills, rather than the more abstract education system achieved through liberal education. For years, VET had the stigma that it was meant for people who – for some reason – couldn't get into college.

There are many sources for this type of education, including community colleges offering general courses, lower-level colleges, and pure professional programs that depend on the needs of their community, including, but not limited to, nursing and dentistry programs. You can also get vocational education training online via

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Technical schools are also increasing. These schools receive out-of-state and federal funding, but attendance may still be supported by federal and state loans and grants.

These schools are established for several reasons, usually because the company's desire to improve the quality of its recruits, or from people or industry professionals who want to help the younger generation with the technical aspects of their careers are not supported.

By focusing on specific skills, these schools can provide detailed and useful training in a shorter four-year program period. This benefit is offset by a limited reliance on professional programs outside of their specific career field.

This is a compromise for a narrow training orientation. This should be taken into account when considering starting a professional program. More so than in college, professional program participants must have a clear focus and commitment to their particular goals.