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PPE Face Sheild For Health Protection

Some PPE is relatively easy to insure, eg. Gloves for detergents, but other devices need attention before removing, especially if the activity is hazardous. 

Personal protective equipment regulations were introduced in the early ’90s to compel employers to consider providing a PPE face shield – Elitemed to ensure that equipment suitable for the activity is exhibited and that personnel is trained in the use, storage, and maintenance in good condition.

The law also stipulates that protective gear must be provided to employees free of charge. If this is declared free, there is no personnel fee. This does not include refundable deposits or fees to replace the device if it has been removed.

The person using the equipment must be involved in the actual selection because they have to carry it. If employees find masks and gloves uncomfortable, they don't wear them and therefore create problems as business owners. 

Unfortunately, it is no longer acceptable to simply display equipment and let staff carry it or not. The current case law now states that all PPE provided must be checked by the employer to ensure that they are worn. If not, you are responsible and not the employee.

In general, personal protective equipment plays an important role in injuring or making people sick while working. This is an area that is not as simple as it seems and often requires additional work to ensure that you meet your legal requirements.