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Consider Key Points When Selecting Colored Concrete Flooring In Mornington Peninsula

Concrete must not be a smooth, gray and dull floor; The extraordinary transformation will be well worth the investment. Advances in the concrete industry have made concrete the most durable, attractive and inexpensive material on the market. 

Don't believe blindly on a certain color chart

Color charts can be misleading and may not accurately reflect the final result of your project. Your work will depend on the colors of the cement and sand and the amount of water used during the polished concrete refining

Coloring gives luxurious riches – think actively

Think about what color effect you want to achieve. For many fans of colored concrete, the best thing about it is that it can produce very unique results. Consider the durability and superior performance of colored concrete and learn why more commercial properties are choosing concrete flooring as an alternative to other flooring. 

Consistency is important

It is important that every part of your flooring project is consistent, including the type and brand of cement, aggregate, and water-to-cement ratio. If the individual batches of concrete are different, this can cause noticeable color deviations. 

Combine existing shades or formulate individual shades

If you can't find the right color for your job, check with the contractor about possible options. Many paint manufacturers advise you to match colors to your project and design scheme. It is possible for a supplier or contractor to achieve individual coloring by mixing two or more colors.