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Important Things to Look For In a Premier Truck Paint Booth

Here is the list of things to look for at a top truck paint booth:

1. Be flexible

If most of your work is focused on working on trucks and buses, you will find some paint booths specially designed for very large cars. A good truck paint booth can be customized to suit your specific needs. You want to find a manufacturer that evaluates your data on cabin size and premium functionality.

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2. Ability to select air flow

Most paint booths are equipped with one of the following airflow configurations:

  • Cross flow
  • Semi downdraft
  • Sideshift
  • Downdraft

Each configuration has advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, what works for one company may not be ideal for another. Many paint booth manufacturers follow a specific type of airflow design when designing their paint booth.

3. Choice between single and multiple skins

Another option you will want to have when choosing the right paint booth is whether you need an insulated or non-insulated booth, which is also known as a single or double-sided booth.

4. Optional accessibility features

A good truck paint booth should be able to meet the needs of each paint company. Since truck paint booths are much larger than other spray booths, accessibility can be an issue.

5. Digital control panel

Operating a paint booth requires a number of adjustments, regardless of the task. There are times when the operator needs to change the spray mist, air temperature, baking time and various other functions.