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Tips to Buy the Right Security Camera

With more and more people who buy a monitoring system to protect their homes and businesses, many consumers are naturally confused with a large number of choices in systems, cameras, and recording equipment.

Your surveillance system is only as good as a camera that records your image or video, so finding the right camera can be the most important step in making a smart investment. This article is intended to help consumers who want to cut confusion and sales jargon to ensure they buy the right security camera for their surveillance system. You can get security camera installation from various web sources.

So, what is the point of your supervision system if you don't have a good camera?

Security cameras produce images and videos using CMOS (complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor) or CCD (Devad-Coupled) or chips. Without too technical, just say, both CMOS and CCD are image sensors designed to change the light to electrons and make images seen on the monitor or TV.

Security cameras that use CMOS technology are generally cheaper and consumers who are not aware of differences in technology will often choose a camera at a lower price. But as we all know, sometimes the lower price does not mean better quality.

Because each pixel on the CMOS sensor has several transistors placed next to it, the sensitivity of the CMOS chip light tends to be lower, sometimes gives you fuzzy or grain images in low light. In addition, CMOS chips are mass-produced and used for various applications, computers, equipment, etc.

CCD uses more advanced technology to create the ability to transport light across the chip without distortion. Security cameras that use CCD technology are considered to be more high quality and will produce clear images under any circumstances; Day, night, rain, hail, or snow.

The size of the CCD chip is usually greater than the CMOS chip and generation, the greater the size, the higher the image quality produced. Thus, if you want a quality security camera that can produce high-quality images, CCD is a way to go.