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Choose Preschool Education For Your Kid In San Jose

When children engage in discussion about interesting stories from reading, they promote listening skills, comprehension, and expressive language.

Playing with letters from the magnetic alphabet can inspire a child to ask a teacher to help them write the first letter of their name.

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Matching games, sorting games, counting games and board games promote children's understanding of numbers, categories and sequences, which support later math learning.

Confusing together encourages children to recognize patterns, plan ahead, and solve problems.

To maintain children's enthusiasm and motivation in learning, quality preschool and childcare programs introduce literacy and math skills from an early age, not as a separate exercise, but in the context of activities that are interesting and meaningful to children.

Physical coordination enhances and allows children to explore the environment – and be challenged in new ways.

The little ones are out and about most of the day. A quality preschool program provides children with many opportunities to run climb and play active games every day.

Activities are offered to help children develop fine motor skills, such as: thread beading or cutting scissors. And children are challenged through various activities to build coordination and balance between eyes and hands.

Fortunately, when choosing a preschool age, parents don't have to choose whether to protect their child's playtime or ensure they are ready for kindergarten. High-quality early childhood education programs offer children both.