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Ways to Create Your Own Custom Instagram Stickers

Instagram has a good collection of stickers which includes the like of hashtags, mentions, polls, etc. While some of these are static, others are clickable and interactive. However, at times we want to add our personalized stickers to our stories. 


  1.  Create a Giphy account and get brand verified. 
  2.  Make GIFs and upload them to Giphy.
  3.  Test of GIF.
  4.  Spread the word about your Instagram sticker.


  1.  It is a tool for the marketing team.  
  2.  Stickers can be used by our audience.
  3.  Trackable results.
  4.   It's completely free.

Types of Instagram GIPHY Stickers:

  • Questions Instagram Sticker
  • Polls Instagram Sticker
  • GIFs Instagram Stickers
  • Mention Instagram Sticker
  • Location Instagram Sticker
  • Emojis, Font, and Other Sticker

Custom Instagram stickers are of great help in expanding, because of that custom filter we can either follow the brand or tend to ignore it.

Instagram stickers are more than just a fun add-on that layers smiley faces onto your Stories. They can play an integral role in Instagram marketing, allowing you to generate social proof, engagement, reach, brand awareness, and traffic to your profile and even your site.   

Creating your own, personalized Instagram GIF Stickers is an extremely useful Instagram Marketing Tool. They allow you to give your Stories an individual touch while giving the feeling that they are part of something bigger.