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What are Construction Drawings?

East Brisbane builders

When an architect conveys his construction details, ideas, concepts in the form of architectural drawings is called construction drawings. The architectural drawings are then forwarded to the contractor to ensure the structure is constructed carefully stated in the drawings. This form of drawing is also offered to the client as a form of a record of the building. Let’s learn more about construction drawings with the help of a few types.

  1. Working Drawing Plans – The working drawing plan is all about the definition of the floor which helps to define the position of the windows, doors. Moreover, this drawing plan also helps to define the layout of the furniture.
  2. Elevations – The elevations are all about defining the building’s exterior view from any side. It helps to define the appearance of the structure from the outside once the construction is completed.
  3. Sections – Sections are all about the cross-section of the structural component of the building comprising of the walls, staircases, ceiling, door-window openings. It is like the building being sliced down.
  4. Setting out Plans – Apart from major, there are minute elements on plans that also require attention. This form of plan is to understand the distance of every element from one another. In fact, the setting out plan is so important where one small mistake leads to making changes at the worksite which can be a problem.
  5. Electrical Plans – The electrical plans or drawing is to determine the situation or location of the electrical appliances which also includes the switches.

Only builders in East Brisbane can understand these construction drawings.