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Things You Can do to Make Your Shopping More Eco-friendly

We were so struck by this number that we created a list of simple and inspirational ways to make shopping more eco-friendly.  You can also buy fresh food. You are encouraging long-distance shipping by buying items that are not in season or grown in other parts of the world. Buy strawberries in the summer instead of buying them.

You can avoid purchasing items that have too much packaging or that generate less waste by bringing your own reusable shopping bag and by using resource-efficient straws. One large bag can be used for shopping, while smaller bags are useful for transporting fruits and vegetables, reusable straws can help reduce plastic waste.

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You might consider buying your clothes from a thrift shop. This is trendy and it helps reduce textile waste. Old garments could end up in landfills. It is a great way to give your old clothes a second chance. Non-toxic, washable wraps made from cotton and beeswax can be used to wrap sandwiches, preserve fruits or greens, and cover leftovers.

Teabags are often packaged separately and bleached with chemicals to make them appear white. This results in significant waste of metal and paper. Reusable tea bags, on the contrary, are healthier, more economical, and more environmentally responsible.

Plastic toothbrushes are made from rubber, petroleum, and some packaging plastic. The problem with electric toothbrushes is that they can release acid pollutants into the environment when they are thrown away in landfills. This affects the oceans, wildlife and the ecosystem.