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Using Virtual Training and Development Assistance

In many organizations, training and development activity is minimal. Besides thinking this activity is of low value, lack can also occur in financial hard times or because the organization cannot fund a position to carry on people development.

Due to today's technology,elearning development training activities can be outsourced virtually, using the Internet. This can be done to supplement existing in-house programs, or as a cost effective means to provide important people development without having to hire permanent staff to carry out this function.

In addition to cost effectiveness, virtual training and development assistance provides objectivity through an outside source. Having a detached set of eyes to look at a situation or person allows for objective solutions that are best suited to answer issues, needs and problems.

Here are some of the kinds of assistance that a virtual training and development source can provide:

-Assessment questions and surveys can be developed aimed at measuring such things as status of human resource development, or employee views on how the organization is doing at all levels. If personal interviews need to be conducted, these can be done through video conference.

-Once needs are established, training and coaching can be provided at a distance through seminars or one-on-one interventions using the Internet. The virtual assistance service can also develop materials and presentations that can be delivered on site by members who are part of the organization.