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Procedures for Teeth Whitening

One of the most economical ways to brighten your smile is at home whitening teeth. You can use a lot of products, many with extremely varied results. The other option is to go to your dentist and do the procedure in the office, but this can be very expensive. You can find professional service that whitens your teeth in as little as an hour for a fraction of the cost. Nowadays, you can choose a wide range of options from multiple locations. If you are looking for the dentist then you can pop over the link.

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Here are the different whitening procedures proposed by many clinics:

· Non-vital whitening of teeth

This procedure is intended to deal with non-discolored teeth. Typically, the teeth will become discolored after the radical channels occur by turning the tooth a gray shade. This procedure can restore natural white tone to the tooth.

· At home whitening teeth

The most expensive option for full smile brightening. This makes it different then on the whitening kits of the countertops is the custom adjustable tray. The use of a custom tray means that the supplied gel remains where it should and prevents damage caused to soft tissues from the mouth.

The supplied gel is a formula based on carbamide peroxide. The gel is applied one hour, once a day for fourteen days or two periods of one hour a day (morning and night) for seven days.