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Use Custom Packaging to Attract Consumers

For most of the past decade, consumers around the world have increasingly turned their spending from brick-and-mortar to online stores, appreciating the convenience and immediacy of digital shopping. But that trend could be reversing as members of Generation Z, people born after 1995 begin flexing their economic muscle.

From a CPG standpoint, brands can use unique custom packaging and products to capture the attention of this generation as they scan store shelves. The choice for customized packaging is endless. You can choose from a wide range of customized packaging solutions to meet your consumers' needs. 

Everybody appreciates products that are personalized just for them, and Gen Z is no exception. More than 40 percent of the younger Generation population (appreciate personalization because it helps pave the way to discovering new products and services, according to a recent IRI study.

As such, CPG brands have an opportunity to connect with this important age group by creating innovative packaging designs that young people will want to purchase. Generation Z tends to be more serious about work than experience-driven millennials. But certain types of experiences still matter to them.

For example, sporting and musical events are fertile ground for CPG brands looking to reach and nurture relationships with young consumers. It doesn’t need to be a major event to make an impression. In fact, brands of all sizes often position themselves as part of local communities by producing custom labels or packages tied to regional events, like college football games or concerts.