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Fun Ways to Decorate Your Childrens Rooms

Wallpapers for children's rooms can make a dramatic difference to their rooms. Children often spend a great deal of time in their rooms, and wallpapers can help to keep them calm and comfortable. When selecting wallpaper, it's important to pick something that doesn't attract attention to the child's face. Bright, neon wallpaper is not always the best choice for children's rooms. However, classic, earthy tones can be very calming, and decorators often choose this wallpaper designs to add a sense of continuity to a child's bedroom.

The first thing to think about when choosing wallpaper for children’s rooms is where the wallpaper will go. The wallpaper should not be installed over the headboard or on the ceiling. Instead, it should be located where it can be unseen by the child, but still viewable by other family members. This may mean installing wallpaper on the floor, as this spot can easily be moved, and wallpaper over a window is usually more difficult to remove than one over the ceiling. For children's bedrooms that face the stairway, a good tip is to put wallpaper on the stair rail, since it blends better with the stair railing than any other wall color.

One of the trendiest wallpapers for children's rooms is Hawaiian print wallpaper. Although many people are unaware that this is a trend, many homes feature this wallpaper in their childrens rooms. If your daughter likes the look of a Hawaiian luau, it might be a good idea to get wall art for her room that features this look. A luau is a fun theme, and your daughter will have a hard time not showing off her favorite Hawaiian flower in her new room.

Other wall decorations for children's rooms might include photo frames, paintings, or colorful, stuffed animals. If you have boys in the house, putting up wallpaper with boys' pictures can be a great way to give them something to look at when they aren't looking at their walls. Some boys just love the artwork, and it can make decorating a childs' bedroom a lot easier. Putting up a painting or two or a wall mural with a nice kids' portrait can give your child's room a very cute, romantic look.

Another great idea for decorating a childs' room is using wallpaper with animal designs. Some of these wall paints have several different animals, such as a tiger and a horse, or even a giraffe and hippo. The best thing about these designs is that they don't over power the environment, which is important if you're trying to teach your children about how different colors and shades affect each other. Having wallpaper with animals in it will make the room look bright and cheerful, and also keep your children from looking bored.

Wallpaper can also be used as borders. A great way to do this is to buy picture frames in the same design as your wall featured items. Putting a picture frame on your wall with a kids' name and favorite colors will add interest to any room. Buying a bunch of frame accessories and wall decals is a great way to turn any bland child's bedroom into an awesome place to hang out. Just remember that having a theme doesn't mean you have to go all out on design, you can still have a very simple but interesting room that will be enjoyed by both you and your children for years to come!