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All About Funeral Services In Singapore

In order to accommodate this growing trend, many funeral homes now offer a variety of services beyond just conducting a traditional funeral service. These services may include arranging for a cremation or burial, providing bereavement support, and providing information about death and cremation options. It is important to note that not all funeral homes offer all these services, so be sure to ask if there is something specific that you would like done during your service.

Whatever decision you make about how you want your funeral service to be conducted, be sure to talk with your chosen funeral home about it. You can hire professional and transparent Singapore funeral services at various online sources.

Facts about cremation

Cremation has become increasingly popular in recent years, as people opt for a less-intrusive way to say goodbye to their loved ones. Here are five facts about cremation that may surprise you:

1. Cremation is the most popular form of funeral service. As of 2010, cremation accounted for nearly two-thirds of all funerals in the United States.

2. Cremation is not limited to members of the Western world. In fact, it is one of the fastest-growing religions in the world, with over 350 million adherents around the globe.

3. Cremation is not an inexpensive option. The average cost of a cremation ceremony is $1150, and the cost of a burial plot can be upwards of $25,000.

4. Cremated remains can be kept indefinitely. Unlike burial, where a corpse must be buried within a certain period after death in order to preserve it, there is no such limit on the length of time that cremated remains can be kept.