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The Beauty of Pine Wardrobes

Beautifully crafted, handcrafted pine wardrobes definitely make for the ideal addition to those seeking out practical and stylish bedroom furniture. The right pine wardrobe for you really will depend upon the size and shape of your bedroom, plus the number of different belongings you want to stow away there. If you're after a very streamlined, minimalist look, then a sliding door wardrobe is the one for you. These wardrobes can also double up as a closet as well, so if that's the look you're going for, this is a must-have.

There are many different styles of pine wardrobes, so before you even start searching around for one, you'll want to decide exactly what your own personal style is. You might love the idea of a white, minimalist wardrobe; you may prefer to go with a more traditional, oak wardrobe. There are lots of options in sizes and shapes, so start by identifying what fits into your current decor and home.

Pine furniture comes in a wide variety of colours too, so you can easily find something to complement any colour scheme in your home. Warm, inviting tones such as cream, beige or chocolate brown are popular choices for bedrooms. They tend to lend themselves well to more natural themes, so you don't have to feel forced to buy pine furniture if you aren't absolutely sure it's going to fit in with your own personal style. Conversely, a contrasting colour like red, green or blue can really pop up to create an incredibly bold and dramatic bedroom. It's important to remember though, that a lot of pine furniture will be quite plain looking, so balance it up with plenty of bright, fresh accessories.

When you have a smaller budget, it's also very easy to find pine wardrobes that fit perfectly into your room without cluttering it. As previously mentioned, you have plenty of sizes and shapes to choose from. For those on a tight budget, there are some beautiful, inexpensive choices available that work perfectly in bedrooms and living rooms. These range from basic hollies to elegant, two-door wardrobes that look great all by themselves. In the case of those on a strict budget, you could even transform your existing two door wardrobe into a functional, attractive and useful 2 door wardrobe.

Of course, solid pine wardrobes don't just stop at two door units. There are actually many different varieties of pine furniture that can double up as both bedroom furniture and storage. The classic pine wardrobes with two doors are still available but you can now get them in the more popular bi-fold or waffle version. If you really like the original, you can always purchase solid pine wardrobes with those doors removed. You'll still get that beautiful, old-fashioned style, but you'll have space to store away your clothing, toys, books and whatever else you want to keep close to you.

For those of you with younger kids or teenagers, you may also be interested in pine wardrobes for teenagers. They're perfect for those who have limited space in their bedroom and need a place to keep all of their stuff. You can buy these wardrobes that feature a sliding door or a pocket to place your mobile phones, games consoles and MP3 players in. Younger kids will also find these wardrobes ideal for storing all of their school supplies and other sundries. They are also handy for storing jeans, shirts and even underwear when they're not being worn!

If you're more interested in the more traditional look of hand built pine wardrobes, there are plenty of choices available. For those who want something more modern, you can find some really interesting styles. Some are made from solid pine wood, while others feature painted wood panels or fake wood grain effect. Some also feature a glass panel for a brighter display and many even come with a bench. These wardrobes will take up the same amount of space as a regular wardrobe and they offer the same functionality.

Whether you want a pine wardrobe, pine furniture or any other type of rustic wooden furniture, you won't be disappointed with the beauty and durability of pine. It will add a little bit of natural beauty to any room, and it is very easy to maintain. In fact, pine wardrobes and furniture are so easy to clean that you can do it yourself every time you decide to redecorate. So whether you want rustic, modern or traditional, pine is definitely the way to go!