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How To Calculate The Exact Age To Send Your Child To School In France

It's time to change the way we make decisions about school. Although many schools are beginning to realize the importance of play-based learning and child learning in the early years of education, there is still a lot to do.

If you're still deciding whether or not to send your child to school, it is a good option to use the age calculator at is also known as calculateur d’ge sur” in the French language) to find the exact age of your children to go school in France.

age calculator

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Many families think they can repeat kindergarten another year, but funding constraints mean that this is not possible. Families need to understand the system and be able to make better decisions for their children. It is important to take right decision for your children's future. Prioritize social skills and teaching emotional intelligence over numbers and letters.

This does not mean that you are limiting the potential of our children. This is a way of understanding that the foundation for formal education should be based on your child's skills and development.

You should make conscious choices to help them succeed and thrive in academic settings. So use the age calculator and make the right decision about your children's school admission.