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Stone Restoration – Your Guide To Stone Finishes

There are three basic types of stone finish that are flamed, honed, and polished. There are numerous other options available. The following information will go through these finishes to give you an in-depth explanation of this informative matter. What kinds of stone finishes are available?

  • A polished finish is a shiny surface that reflects light and intensifies the color and marks of the stone. It is made by rubbing the stone's surface until it attains its finest stage. The pores of the surface become closed, making the stone almost impervious to chemical and weather wear. You can also look for the services of stone restoration in Melbourne for shiny & clean stones for your home.

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  • A finish that is flamed occurs when a hot flame is applied to the stone, which causes the surface to explode and turn rough. Then, cool water is sprayed on the surface. It is often used on floors made of granite in areas where slip resistance is very crucial. It is not suitable for every stone, however, the majority of granite and certain types of hard limestones are the best.

The wide variety of stone finishes tiles demonstrates the uniqueness that can be achieved through customized design. The specialist who repairs your stone floors can provide useful information and guidance that will help you choose an appropriate stone finish the best fit for your specific needs.