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Solar Lighting – Bring the Sun’s Light into Your Life

Global demand for environmentally-friendly fuels, energy, and food is growing. This growth will only continue as climate change concerns increase. This growth has led to more solar lighting options being available. 

There are many benefits to using coordinated solar lamps. Solar lighting used to be expensive, but this is no longer the case. Solar lighting technology has improved and is now more affordable.  

What is available in your home?

Solar Water Heaters

There is now a solar-powered water heater available on the market. It heats water for your kitchen and bathroom. The solar water heater element can be added to any existing water heating system, oil-based, natural gas electric, or electric.  

Solar Attic Fans and Ventilation Systems

Solar powered options are available for upgrading or building your home's ventilation and fans systems. These products include solar attic fans, air diffusers, and ventilators. Evaporative coolers can also be used for solar power.

What is available outside of your home?

Landscaping lights

One of the best ways to incorporate solar power into your home is with solar landscape lights. You can simply stick some lights into the ground. They will collect solar energy during the day, then turn it on at night.  

Water Fountain Pumps and Water Features

A fountain or water feature is a water feature that transfers water from one area to another. The water can then be used to move water again using electricity. These pumps can now be powered by solar energy, which will eliminate the need for electricity.