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Reasons Why You Should Buy Custom Poly Mailer Bags

Custom Poly Mailer Bags are a popular option for businesses that need to send out newsletters and flyers, but don't have the time or budget to make them themselves. In this article, you'll learn several benefits of using custom poly mailers and what kind of different types of packages they can be used for.

What's the Benefit of custom poly mailer bags

A poly mailer bag is a type of plastic bag that has been designed with the specific purpose of being durable enough to hold or carry heavy items. They are commonly used for carrying this type of item in bulk, such as construction debris, appliances, and furniture. Custom poly mailer bags are typically made from 100 percent virgin high-density polyethylene materials to ensure their longevity and strength.

Custom Poly Mailer Bag Advantages

Poly Mailer Bags are a great way to package your products attractively and professionally. They are also an eco-friendly alternative to the traditional box packaging. Choose from our wide selection of colors, sizes, and finishes at the perfect price.

Custom Poly Mailer Bag Disadvantages

These poly mailer bags are not the most obvious choice for the package. They have disadvantages that make them a less-than-ideal option. The first disadvantage of standard poly mailer bags is that they tear easily, which can lead to more work and waste when trying to fix them. They may also cause problems if someone accidentally tosses the bag in a garbage can or recycling bin. Another disadvantage is the size. 

How Much will it Cost?

If you are looking to buy custom poly mailer bags, it looks like you will be spending about $.11 per bag. Pretty affordable for a quality product. If you find that these poly mailers are not for you and you want a different kind of bag, there are many other options available to choose from as well.


Companies that offer personalized poly mailer bags are giving their customers a chance to customize the packaging process. They make it easier for customers to send marketing materials like brochures, catalogs, and ads with high-quality designs and fast turnaround.