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NEC Enfamil Lawsuits Exposes

The latest research has found a link between the milk-based formulas for infants made from cow's milk Similac and Enfamil with an extremely dangerous neonatal medical condition known as necrotizing Enterocolitis (NEC). You can hire nec formula lawyers through https://

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Numerous infants have been consumed those infant formulas later discovered that NEC has brought NEC Formula suit against the manufacturers (Abbott Laboratories along with Mead Johnson Nutrition Co.).

The lawsuits argue that Abbott and Meade had an obligation to inform consumers about the risks associated with NEC and their infant formula products however, they deliberately failed to provide any warnings and continued to market the products they sold as safe.

The case involves Grosshuhesch along with others. Grosshuhesch, et al. Mead Johnson Nutrition firm, and one of the numerous Enfamil NEC infant formula lawsuits.

Isabella was born. Isabella was born on 13th June 2013. Isabella is prematurely born, at only 30 weeks old, and weighs just 3 pounds. Although she was premature, Isabella was healthy and was able to tolerate the breastmilk of her mother.

Ten days after her birth, Isabella was provided Enfamil Human Milk Fortifier, an emulsified cow's formula. Isabella did not like the taste of Enfamil well and was having a hard time keeping her intake.

In the Complaint, the issue is not only it is not just that Mead Johnson has not taken into account evidence of the risks its formulation can pose to premature infants and their mothers, However, the company has also promoted Enfamil as a safe and healthy alternative to breastmilk for all babies. In the wake of the increasing number of instances all over the world, lawsuits are being brought to get the money these companies are due.