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Make Sure You Are Buying the Real Oregano Oil

Oregano oil is known to be an excellent medicinal herb that is useful for treating many conditions. It is simply an excellent antiviral, antibacterial, and antifungal that has the potential to protect against bacteria.

In addition, Paracelsus used wild oregano in the 15th century to treat fungal diseases. Each of these details shows exactly how important oregano is to animals' health. Until recently, natural oregano oil for animals was used to treat many diseases. In addition, its additional capabilities are now being identified by health researchers.

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Oregano oil is an organic compound made from the oregano species. The oregano plant is found in remote mountainous areas that are free from air pollution. Essential oils are obtained only from the leaves of flowering plants. The leaves are chosen with care because the oregano plant contains the highest amount of essential oils. 

This plant is hard to find and therefore not available almost everywhere. Commonly used in cooking, oregano is often confused with oregano oil. In the case of ordinary oregano, origanum marjoram is normal, oregano oil is extracted from origanum Vulgare.

Oregano essential oil consists of carvacrol, an organic phenol that may have strong antimicrobial effects. On the other hand, the flavonoids in oregano provide organic antiseptic properties and the terpenes are organic anti-inflammatory components. 

Wild oregano essential oil is better known for masking the most important antioxidant abilities and causing bile circulation, which significantly improves the process of digestive function.