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How To Replace Your Damaged Rear Windshield

If you are wondering why it's important to contact the company to repair and replace the car windshield as soon as you solve or damage the windshield or side glass of your car during a collision, then you must know there are several reasons for it. 

A broken or peeled glass screen means you are no longer safe on the road. The damaged windshield means visibility is hampered on the road and therefore, reduces awareness of things and living things around you. If you want to explore regarding the best windshield repair company visit

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But there is nothing wrong with being a little aware of the procedure before switching to help. So, here we have collected several points that describe how to replace your windshield. Look.

Remove the existing windshield

The first step is to be careful in removing plastic molds from the windshield and then think of the best way where you can separate the windshield from pinch-welding. Use a cold knife or razor to cut it from pinch-welding from internal or external. 

Prepare pinch-welding

Next, you have to prepare pinch-welding and for that, you must first clean the crap seen with plain water or brush because it runs the risk of reducing the quality of the urethral adhesive and the windshield.

Now remove all kinds of rust from it and the tape-off place around the place or other area that has not been sanded. 

Install a new windshield

Finally, you must use the primer from the frit band to open the band molecule that will receive the urethral molecule. Most repair companies and replacement car glass apply urethane with the help of electric caulking pistols. This makes it easier to blow dust from pinch-welding before applying urethane adhesive.