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How to Pick the Right Single Speed Bikes

To clarify A single speed bike has only one gear that is fixed to the back wheel. This fixed-gear means that you'll need a paddle to keep the bike moving. Such bikes don't require shifters, chaining (double or triple) cranksets, or derailleurs. The absence of these components makes the bike simple to clean and maintain. 

How do you select the best single-speed bike?

There are numerous things to think about when picking the right bicycle. Here are a few of the most important aspects to keep an eye on:

Which is the top equipment?

Since it's a one-gear bike, it's essential to choose the proper gear. For example, if the gear has a significant amount of resistance you will likely be forced to stop every incline. However, if the bike has one or two gears that aren't as powerful, you'll need to spin the legs to stay in the right direction. If you’re looking for single-speed bikes in Berlin then visit

What's more about the bike's dimensions?

This is an additional area to pay attention to when choosing a single-speed bike. Many people regret buying the wrong dimension because they feel uncomfortable while riding it due to being too small or too large.


In the case of wheels, most people believe that this is just an aesthetic matter. There is a distinction in performance between the types of wheels.

  • If you opt for the 30mm wheelset it will be the lightest and has the perfect balance of rigidity and weight. It is the best option for people who travel.
  • Finally, the mag wheels are widely regarded as the heaviest of all. Many prefer this because it offers the bike an appealing bathroom, but in terms of the weight, it's an issue.


Bearings It is this part that controls the bike's hubs and headsets and bottom bracket. In the marketplace, two types of bearings include:

  • Bearings with a scale: This type has only one unit that contains the bearings. It is pushed directly into the frame/hub. Bikes that have this bearing move more freely and easily than those that have open bearings. Since they have rubber seals to protect the bearings, they can be easily maintained since particles or other elements do not get inside the bearings.

  • Open bearings: This is an uninvolved bearing system, which is supported by the cone and cup structures. This kind of system requires lots of maintenance for it to run without a hitch.

When you are looking for a single-speed bike:

When choosing the most efficient single-speed bikes these factors can prove to be extremely helpful. Do not make the mistake of choosing a bike due to its looks. A mistake like this can come with regrets. It is now clear the bike's dimensions, as well as the type of bearing it, is equipped with, the wheel's system, and more importantly, the kind of gear.