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Everything You Need to Know About Umeshu

What is Umeshu?

Umeshu Mei Jiu, also called Plum Liqueur, is a Japanese liquor made of ume plums soaked in sugar and liqueur. It's a sweet and tangy drink with an alcohol percentage between 10 and 15%, according to the brewery. It became a well-known drink in Japan around the 17th century. Its delicate flavor was a draw for young girls. You can buy umeshu online at

Do you realize that apart from tasting delicious, this liqueur is also believed to provide certain health benefits like boosting the flow of blood and exhaustion?

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The types of Umeshu

Umeshu can be found in various kinds like Nigori and genshu (undiluted) sparkling and the koshu (aged). For Nigori umeshu the liqueur is made up of the ume plums' pulp which were utilized in the making process. The 'cloudiness' provides extra depth and sweetness.

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Alongside the standard umeshu you are familiar with but don't overlook that this alcohol is great with other fruity flavors to provide a more diverse flavor palette to sample. Ozeki Momo umeshu (Hyogo) utilizes Hakuou Momo, which is considered to be the peach king as well as being among the finest quality of ume which is Nanko-Bai. The well-balanced acidity and sweetness have made it one of our top-selling products.

If you're looking to drink something a little sweeter, take a look at Daishinshu Mizore Umeshu (Nagano) that is umeshu concocted in an apple. It is a unique and interesting mixture of fresh apples and plum leaves drinkers , with a sweet taste after several sips. It is a great dessert after a meal.