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During A Windstorm, One Of The First Priorities Is Tree Removal

 It is not about how to take down trees that have fallen in windstorms. This is easy. However, it can be difficult to determine if these trees can still be saved. A tree service can transform you from a removalist into a professional arborist in Marietta. 

You can also get emergency tree removal in Marietta during windstorms. You can rely on them to save any trees still viable. Pruning trees can help save trees. You can save some trees by pruning them back.

emergency tree removal Marietta

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Storm damage: Trees can only withstand 4 types of storm damage.

A blow over is when the entire tree is cut down.

Stem failures A tree whose trunk is broken above ground. This causes the crown or lower part of the tree to collapse or lean more heavily, while the crown falls.

Root Failures are situations in which the roots of a tree have fallen below the ground, causing the tree to lean/sway.

Lightning strikes When the tree is struck by lightning but does not burn or is electrocuted. Even if the tree survived a storm, it is more at risk of being struck by lightning.

 A professional tree service can diagnose the problem and help you make a decision. If you notice the crown twisting splinters, but not the slight lean, it could indicate that the roots are also damaged in Marietta.