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Drone Maintenance Tips you should be aware of

 photographer in Perth drone


Maintenance for drones is equally important similar to bikes and cars. When you maintain your drone, it tends to remain in top condition for the long run. Moreover, the drone stays stable during the middle of the shoot. If you’ve recently purchased a drone, here are a few tips in order to maintain it.

  1. ND Filters and Lenses should be Clean – Lens should be cleaned after every use of your drone. If you use ND filters then it too needs to be cleaned. You can clean the lens and the filter with the use of wipes. If you don’t clean them, then you cannot expect the footage to be of the highest quality.
  2. Look for Cracks – Cleaning the lens is just a part of drone maintenance as you also need to check for cracks. If there are no cracks on the drone, then your drone performs in the best possible condition. Moreover, ensure the propellers of the drones are free from cracks. Make sure your drone is free from cracks on the body as well as from the propellers.
  3. Keep the Drone Dry – Fog can start to form on the drone if you reside in hot and humid weather conditions. You can easily remove the fog formation by using a dry towel. Moreover, do not try flying your drone in rainy conditions. The drone is an electronic device which is not a fan of water.

Keep following these maintenance tips and become the best drone photographer in Perth.