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Difference Between The Mediation Process And The Litigation Process

This article explains the difference between mediation and litigation. If you are considering divorce mediation services, this article will be of use to you.

Mediation is a process in which the parties remain in control of the communication and remain in control of the outcome by meeting with a trained professional who can guide them in communication to reach an agreement.

The purpose of settlement through peaceful mediation services is to use an acceptable process to end an unacceptable relationship. Where there are children, family arrangements create the conditions for new relationships that will meet the children's future needs.

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Even with older children, divorced parents are expected to interact with each other at major events such as weddings, holidays, and religious celebrations. If the divorce is polite, these later events can be more comfortable.

With a positive approach to the divorce process and a coherent cloak, the results can go far and determine how warring parties will interact not only during the process but for years afterward.

Litigation: Litigation is a process where one or both parties ("Parties to the Dispute") file a lawsuit to give the judge the power to resolve family disputes. Judges are appointed by managers or by elected officials who, after listening to every point of view, make decisions.

If the examination affects only a small proportion of the dispute, it can lead to what is known as an "order". Although the trial itself may only last five minutes, the consequences of the resulting order can be very broad, including the amount of support that must be paid, where the children live, or even whether a judge should be appointed to leave the house.