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Carpet Cleaning Gum Removal

When it comes to carpet removal of chewing gum, the process of removing gum from your carpet can quickly and easily or somewhat more challenging. However, with a little knowledge and patience on how to go about it, you should have no problem removing any last traces of it. Discover more details about gum removal through

Carpet Cleaning Gum Removal

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The first step is to scrape away as much rubber as possible. If the gums have in your carpet for a long time, may have formed a scale hard surface.

Otherwise, there would still be moist and tend to be very elastic. However, it is best to avoid a sharp knife to scrape away the surface residue. A sharp-edged scraper can damage the carpet fibers. Instead, use the side of an old spoon. Also, a butter knife is fine for this purpose.

After you scraped as much gum as you can, carefully vacuum the pieces go and check that each particle scratched deleted. During the process of friction, it is possible that the gum may land a foot or more away and could be missed. You do not want to experience a day or so after that when it was re-bonded carpet again. So make sure all the particles scraped thoroughly vacuumed away.

Next, you will want to remove the remaining residue. Mind you, if the gum is very old and dry, it is likely that the process of friction alone would be enough to remove all the gum.

You will easily see if this is the case. If the carpet does not feel tacky, it is a very good sign that the gum is gone forever and do not need to do anything else.