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Bordeaux Fine Wines – The Top Three

France is renowned for its production of stunning wines, whether they're a deep dark red or a clear crisp white. Bordeaux in particular is famous for its eclectic wineries and vineyards that are littered across the region.

So it can be slightly intimidating to know which Bordeaux wine is right for you, with so many choices to choose from! You can also refer to to know more about Bordeaux’s fine wine.

We have also listed the top 3 Bordeaux fine wines for you to explore and try for yourself. 

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1. Chateau Deville Rouge, 2005

The Chateau Deville Rouge is the first wine on our Bordeaux fine wines list and what a stunning red wine to start with. Produced in a particular way so that the flavors are rich, ripe blackcurrants and plum aromas contrasted with soft cedarwood flavors and a hint of fiery bonfire smoke.

On the palate, it's full and juicy offering plenty of rich and full fruit flavors and just enough tannins to hold the structure and keep in the delicious flavors. For food, think about lunchtime type meals such as beef and lamb or lighter options such as pates, beans, and couscous.

2. Chateau Toulouze, Graves de Vayre, 2006

Another beautiful red wine that shimmers blood red in the glass, like so many Bordeaux fine wines. With baked fig nuances and cigar boxwood, this is a rich and sumptuous wine that is full in the mouth and nicely balanced with a dry finish. With all its ripe dark fruit this wine is a brilliant accompaniment to food.

3. Chateau Latour-Martillac Blanc 1998

The top three Bordeaux fine wines wouldn't be complete without a golden yellow white wine to finish things off with. Chateau Latour-Martillac Blanc is a stunning wine that boasts a blend of Sauvignon Blanc, Semillon and Muscadel. This gives the wine depth and complex aromas of pudding spice thanks to the development in the bottle as it matures for years. Found in the Graves region of Bordeaux.

The Chateau Latour-Mertillac Blanc is made from grapes left long on the vine to fully ripen whilst remaining cool in the breezy climate. This really helps to enhance the flavors of ripe peaches and grapefruit marmalade that dominate the wine.