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Best 2 Ways To Maximize Your Cryostar Results

Dry Brushing

Dry Brushing works wonders for your Cryostar results due to the positive effect on blood circulation and promotion of lymph flow and drainage. The Lymphatic doesn’t have a pump to keep it flowing, unlike the circulatory system. 

It relies on factors to keep flowing. We love this brush from Dr. Barbara or a more affordable option is the Boots Botanics exfoliating brush. 

Done in the correct way, dry brushing will stimulate the lymphatic system boosting the release of toxins and debris. Dry brushing also has other benefits such as exfoliation of the skin and stimulation of the nervous system, making you feel good, like after a nice massage.


Movement heals the body. Sitting at our desks or driving for hours on end is not good for the lymphatic system. To keep things moving on the inside we need to move our bodies. The good news is you don’t have to run out and join the gym straight away. 

Three are things you can do to naturally increase movement day today and improve your fitness. 

Our Sales Manager and fitness guru, Michael recently wrote an article on how to increase your NEAT fitness, or non-exercise activity thermogenesis – essentially the level of calories you burn throughout your day-to-day general activities.