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Bedwetting – A Natural Cure For An Embarrassing Condition

Bedwetting is among the most embarrassing situations for a child , and more so for teenagers. While there are a variety of opinions regarding the causes and treatments, none of these matters to those who are bedwetters. The most they care about is finding the best way to stop it for good reasons.

If you hear the word "bedwetting," most people are prone to thinking "children." Are you surprised to find out that as high up to 2% 19-year-olds are still wetting the mattress? To avoid such situations you can learn more about the best bedwetting therapies online from various sources.

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There are, obviously, various causes of bedwetting among adolescents and children. In the case of children, it can be a continuous issue, with a prolonged duration of dry nights has not yet been identified. Primary enuresis is (the medical term for bedwetting). 

Secondary enuresis is when a child or teen starts to wet after being dry throughout the night for a prolonged period. Children learn bladder control at different times therefore bed-wetting in children under five years old is quite common, but seldom a cause for worry. 

The problem is more common among males than females and incidents of bedwetting can continue throughout the adolescent years.

The causes include inability to wake from a sound sleep or from heredity. Also, hormonal issues nerve system degeneration due to subluxations that impact the child's capacity to stop the bladder from draining when asleep.

The guilt your child experiences being a bed-wetter may cause emotional or behavioral issues, especially if your kid is older.