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Are Fitness Boot Camps The Best Way To Lose Weight

Are fitness boot camps better to Lose Weight? Do they work better than conventional workouts to shed weight and burn fat? The answer is yes! Let's take a look at a few of the reasons for this.



If you're not familiar with high-intensity interval training then you're missing out. This technique has been proven to burn more fat and calories during and after your boot camp exercise. By raising your heart rate up and then bringing it back down you are applying one of the most effective methods for burning fat. Boot camps use H.I.I.T training by fusing cardio and resistance training together.

Muscles Burn Fat

I have known people who have done a triathlon and during their training gained a bunch of fat. How does that happen? It is actually common when you are overdosing on cardio and not doing any resistance training. You start losing muscle, you're metabolism slows down, and you start gaining body fat because you're not burning as many calories as you used to. It is important to train your muscles with resistance so they don't disappear but become visible instead. This is what is commonly known as "Tone".

Compound or Total Body Movements Kill Fat!

Most but not all traditional workouts focus on just one or two muscles at a time and therefore do not burn as many calories. In a boot camp workout, there is an emphasis on the compound or total body movements that burn a ton more calories and fat.

Plus, these movements recruit many muscle groups at the same time which is how your body works, to begin with. When you pick up a bag of groceries off the floor you use your legs, hips, glutes, back, arms, and core. Speaking of core, when you train in a boot camp almost every exercise trains your core and will help you get a firm flat stomach with a strong back.