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All About The Asphalt Paving

Paving asphalt pavers can be a very time consuming job. It can also become complicated if certain steps are not followed and the preparation phase is not completed properly. If the area is not completely finished and you try to lay asphalt, it will not be permanent and smooth. Most homeowners hire a professional asphalt construction company with years of experience in the job and there are references to back it up. You can also get more info about asphalt paving through the internet.

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Mark area

When pouring an aisle, the starting point can be next to your garage or at the end of your aisle. When you select your starting point, mark it on the ground with a wooden post. Continue using the tape measure to mark the area around the outer perimeter of the area. Hit a wooden pole in each corner.

To make sure the area is symmetrical, you can measure from corner to corner, marking the numbers and continuing all four corners, or you can use laser leveling. If the numbers you wrote down match, it's a square and you're ready for the next step.

Build a solid foundation

You will need cheap wood to build the barrier around the perimeter and make sure it is level with the ground. You can also attach the frame to the outer edge with small pegs if necessary. Once you have compacted the soil, you can begin the next step. If the current homeowner owned a professional asphalt paving company, they would be able to take that position by then. 

Asphalt pavement installation

When pouring asphalt, the company will distribute it to ensure it is suitable for the slopes to drain the water. They will also seal it before it dries.