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All About Home Power Batteries

Most people are familiar with solar panels. If you ask people what solar panels do, they will probably tell you that solar panels generate electricity from the sun to power people's homes.

Solar panels are called photovoltaic panels and are often referred to as PV panels. You can also buy igh-Quality 12V lithium ion battery through various online sites.

KKmoon Battery Box

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When exposed to sunlight, they generate electricity. The problem is that the electricity they produce is a type called direct current or direct current. Our homes need AC.

The second obstacle is darkness. How do people get electricity from their solar-powered homes when it's dark or cloudy outside? What about prolonged cloudy weather? This can lead to prolonged power outages.

Fortunately, there are many great solutions to both problems. First, let me briefly explain how solar homes work. It's very simple. The sun shines on the solar panels. Solar panels produce direct current. 

DC power goes to a device called a charge controller. This device protects the battery from overcharging. Direct current flows from the charge controller to the battery, where it is stored. 

From the battery, power flows to a device called an inverter. The inverter boosts power to a voltage high enough for use in our homes. They also convert electricity from direct current to alternating current.

That leaves the battery and inverter. Let's start with the battery. The batteries used to store electricity for solar homes are usually lead-acid batteries that are submerged in water.

To store enough electricity to power the house during dark or cloudy times, several batteries are linked together to increase their storage capacity.