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A Quick Guide To Trace Lost Pension

A guide on how to find lost pensions in this day and age. This is a regularly updated blog article, covering where you can look for old pensions and how you'll know it's worth your time.

Trace lost pension is a service offered by the government to help people find out information about their pensions and whether they are eligible for a refund. 

When you retire, you may have a pension that you were promised when you were working. If your pension has been lost, it can be difficult to track down. A pension is a type of retirement savings plan that gives you a monthly payment based on how many years you have worked for the company that sponsored it. If your pension has been lost, there are steps you can take to try to find it.

Many pensions are kept in company files. If your pension was lost due to a data error, your company may be able to restore it. If your pension has been lost due to theft or fraud, your company may not be able to help you recover it.

If your pension is not in company files, there are other ways to find it. Your pension may have been transferred into a personal account or rolled over into another retirement plan. You can also search for records of all the people who received pensions from the same company at the same time as you did.